Career Profile

Applied statistician with expertise on Bayesian spatiotemporal models, R-INLA and applications on public health, climate change and childhood health.


MRC-SDF Postdoctoral Fellow

Sep 2019- Sep 2021

In this research, I will develop a framework of analysis using spatiotemporal models to evaluate climate-related disease burden. The methodology of this project builds on Bayesian spatiotemporal models for risk assessment and quantification of associated economic costs, hence model and parameter uncertainty will be naturally propagated across the proposed framework. I will use this approach to estimate the temperature-related respiratory health burden in the UK and communicate results to stakeholders and public health experts to implement relevant public health strategies. This is an interdisciplenariy project with several national and international collaborations including Prof Blangiardo (main supervisor), Prof Baio and Dr Mineli (co-supervisors) but also with Dr Gasparrini, Prof Schuhmacher, Dr Bhatt, Dr Ballester and Dr Vicedo-Cabrera.

Temperature UK
Figure 1. Future temperature ternds in the UK based on 2 different representative concentration pathway (RCP) scenarios

Postdoctoral researcher

Jan 2019 - Jul 2019

Main projects:

  • Developping Log-Gaussian Cox processes to model adult lung and colorectal cancer incidence in the French speaking cantons in Switzerland.
  • Collaborating with the IeDEA group to model the spatiotemporal variation of cervical cancer among women living with HIV in South Africa.

  • Side projects:

  • developing spatial models to model background radiation in Switzerland
  • examining the association of childhood leukaemia and proximity to petrol stations
  • reviewing competing risk models for childhood cancer survival
  • developping an automatized tool for childhood cancers cluster detection in Switzerland
  • I did a 3-month internship at the CEMSE (Computer, Electrical and Mathematical Science and Engineering) division of the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology under the supervision of Prof Haavard Rue. There I worked with him on conducting a simulation study comparing the log-Gaussian Cox processes and the Besag-York-Mollie models for disease mapping and also gained expertise on R-INLA.

    PhD in Biostatistics and Epidemiology

    2015 - 2019

    My thesis was entitled "Analysis of spatial clustering of childhood cancers" and it was the first systematic investigation of the spatial clustering of childhood cancers in Switzerland. The first part of my PhD was focused on global clustering and cluster detection, whereas the second part on disease mapping and spatial regression. During the second part of my PhD I gained expertise on models commonly used in spatial epidemiology, like log-Gaussian Cox processes and the Besag-York-Mollie model. For the PhD-related publications see bellow. In adition, during my PhD I was involved in a couple of other projects:

  • spatial modelling the Human Papillomavirus vaccination uptake in Switzerland
  • investigating the temporal trend of childhood cancer incidence in Switzerland
  • Probability that the spatial relative risk of childhood CNS tumours is larger that the average risk in Switzerland
    Figure 2. Probability that the spatial relative risk of childhood CNS tumours is larger that the average risk in Switzerland

    Freelance Statistics/Mathematics tutor

    2012 - now

  • Introduction to R (help on the tutorials), University of Bern (2019)
  • Bayesian modelling with R-INLA, University of Zurich (2018)
  • Introduction to medical statistics for PhD students at the University of Bern (2017)
  • Spatial epidemiology journal club (2015-2017)
  • Calculus and Statistics tutor for high-school students (2012-2014)
  • Softwares

    Developer and maintainer of GeoSwiss: An R package to geocode Swiss addresses


    Evaluating the burden of climate-related respiratory disease using high resolution spatiotemporal models (2019-2021)
    Residential and occupational exposure to ultraviolet radiation and hematological malignancies (2019-2020)
    Low dose ionising radiation and childhood cancer (2018-2021)
    Spatial variation of childhood cancer risk in Switzerland and associations with traffic-related air pollution (2016-2018)


    Konstantinoudis G, Schuhmacher D, Ammann RA, Diesch T, Kuehni CE, Spycher BD
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    Temporal trends in incidence of childhood cancer in Switzerland, 1985–2014.
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